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"3 weeks before my highly anticipated vacation to Spain I started having severe back spasms and pain, and was unable to walk or do any daily activities without pain. As an ER doctor, I knew the course of this type of back pain and was dejected. Unable to tolerate the side effects of the pain medications and muscle relaxants, I called Sanjoy and the Albatross team immediately fit me into their schedule and was able to get me off all medications within 2-3 sessions. Using his skills and extensive knowledge of treatment modalities, he helped me recover and enjoy my trip to Spain. Sanjoy’s commitment to his patient’s wellness and recovery is commendable and I highly recommend Albatross Physical Therapy "
Jun 06, 2022
"Came here for neck issues a couple of years ago and did great work on it. So when I had tennis elbow and the physical therapy I was referred to by my doctor wasn't working. I decided to come here again and I've seen substantial improvements."
May 13, 2022
"I am recovering from ankle surgery and have been coming here for about 12 weeks now. Sanjoy, Sam, and Rachel have all been very helpful and accompanying me with my daily exercises. As someone who has had multiple surgeries, and has constantly dreaded going to physical therapy; The genuineness of these three have made me enjoy coming in weekly. I highly recommend coming here and I’m grateful to have found this place."
Apr 28, 2022
"I came to Albatross because I was out of options in finding a cure for my headaches. I learned I have cervogenic headaches and when I talked to Sanjoy he said that he's treated many people like me and has seen success in their treatment. I was getting these headaches almost every week, I'd have to lie on the couch and was out for a few days. I couldn't go on the way I was any longer. Medications didn't work. From the first visit, after speaking with Sanjoy I was extremely hopeful. I had my fourth visit today and I can tell you I am already feeling relief. I cannot tell you how excited and grateful I am to have found Albatross Physical Therapy. I still have a ways to go, but I am on the right track! Definitely recommend these guys to anyone and everyone!!!! Don't wait to fix your problems, get in and start now! "
Mar 02, 2022
"There is a reason this PT team has all 5's for their reviews; They deserve it because they earn it. This is an amazing team of caring therapist who have the patients' best interests at heart. I started going to them in August for what I figured was a rotator cuff injury only to find out it was carpal tunnel. When I first started I was going 3 times a week for about 6 weeks, now I attend 1-2 times a week. The team performs ultrasound, extensive, intense massage from my shoulder to my finger tips, heat therapy, cupping, acupuncture, and/or neck manipulations to ease my symptoms. The therapy has been very helpful and I don't think I'll need to attend for much longer. I've gone from excruciating pain, tingling, and numbness to a very tolerable level occasional discomfort. Thank you Sanjoy, Sam, and all saved me. Jill Brown"
Jan 18, 2022
"Thank you to Rachel who worked patiently to help me strengthen my right leg and get rid of the pain in my knee that was affecting my daily life. I will definitely recommend Albatross if need be to family and friends."
Dec 31, 2021
"I've been suffering with a torn rotator cuff for years. I thought my only choice was surgery, but I could not wrap my brain around the long recovery. Also, there were no guarantees that surgery would work. A friend coaxed me into trying Albatross. Within 4 sessions I have full range of motion and substantially less pain. I am so grateful I found Albatross!"
Nov 15, 2021
"There is a reason the Albatross PT team has an average 5 rating: they deserve it because they earn it. I first attended the free workshop back in August thinking I damaged my rotator cuff from lifting kettlebells. After further consultation with Sanjoy, it was determined that I actually have carpal tunnel syndrome. My entire arm was tingling to a point where I could only sleep in one position at night. Sanjoy worked out a plan of attack and we immediately began treating my whole arm. Luckily, we caught it early enough and the treatments are paying off tremendously. I attend 2-3 times a week for intense massage of my forearm, neck, and/or shoulder, needling, stretching, and ultrasound; the best hour of my day. Needless to say, I highly recommend this PT team because they are definitely in it for YOU."
Oct 18, 2021
"Sanjoy has been amazing to work with. I started PT with him due to excruciating shoulder pain which the doctor and MRI attributed to issues in my neck. Sanjoy was quickly able to determine and appropriately diagnose that the pain was not coming from issues in my neck but rather from muscle problems within my shoulder area. His manual skills and treatment modalities have greatly decreased my pain to a very minimal level and we are now able to start strengthening it in order to fully overcome this injury. Thanks to Sanjoy and his staff I am able to sleep, work, and use my shoulder without limitation nor pain. My 14 year old daughter has also been treated by Sanjoy for a couple different pain issues related to her athletics and she also had excellent results. We highly recommend Sanjoy and Albatross for any pain or injury treatment and will continue using him for our family’s needs. "
Sep 12, 2021
"Fantastic therapists. Professinal, Personable, caring, friendly. Totally relaxing atmosphere. You will definitely notice results after each session. I highly recommend Albatross Therapy. "
Jun 25, 2021
"I was looking for someone to help me with the pain in my left shoulder when I found Albatross Physical Therapy in Wheaton. I'm so happy with the professionalism of the entire staff. Sanjoy explained every step in my treatment plan and I have seen remarkable improvement. I highly recommend Albatross for any Physical Therapy you may require."
Mar 01, 2021
"I have had a couple of surgeries that have caused chronic pain & weakness on my left side. After each surgery I tried the therapists recommended by the doctor but with little to no relief. Then I wise up and go to Albatross. Sanjoy & Sam are great. I am already feeling stronger & have less pain & it has only been a few weeks. I feel confident that they can help me so that there will not be another surgery in my future for the same condition. "Third time is NOT a charm" when it comes to surgeries. I would highly encourage you if you need any type of physical therapy that you contact Albatross. You won't regret it. "
Feb 25, 2021
"I started seeing Sanjoy a month ago after a car accident, which left me in really bad back pain. My sister referred me to him. He’s wonderful, listens to your problem and wants to help you, he cares, he really wants to make you feel better. He’s been doing massages and dry needles on me, it’s really helping. I’m still hurting, but with his exercises and massages I’m feeling a difference. Sanjoy, Sam and his staff are awesome they really care about their patients, if your in pain come see them they are the best! 😊"
Feb 17, 2021
"Highest marks for Sanjoy and the staff of Albatross! My chronic pain and even a lot of age-related creakiness are vastly improved. The man knows what he is doing, and does it with care and compassion. "
Jan 27, 2021
"Sanjoy was very knowledgeable and effective at helping our tween son recover from and learn how to prevent a relapse of Sever's disease in the heel due to sports overuse. His multifaceted approach included a combination of stretches, strengthening and electrostimulation therapies. My son has continued the therapies independently at home and now better understands how to prevent future injuries. Sanjoy is a personable professional who put us both at ease from the start. "
Dec 13, 2020
"I have been using Albatross for a few months and have really noticed a big difference. Sanjoy really takes time understanding his patients needs and explaining the process and the outcomes. I have been really happy with the results I have gotten so far. I really appreciate everything Sanjoy has done for me and my well-being."
Dec 04, 2020
"I’ve seen Sanjoy for several issues this year and I would highly recommend him. He really listens to you and focuses on the problem. He has helped me with my shoulder, wrist and back and I feel great. I can now play with my 16-month old with no pain."
Dec 04, 2020
"Recently, my 15 year old daughter completed 6 weeks of PT at Albatross. Prior to PT, she had her patella come out of place due to a gymnastic move failed. After PT, I am happy to say she is pain free and the muscles around her knee are stronger and better able to withstand further exercise. The people at Albatross not only made my daughter feel good about herself and her conditioning but they were beyond sweet and nice! My daughter couldn't wait to go to PT in spite of the work she had to do when she got there. I am now getting PT on my shoulder with the same professionals as my daughter did and so far, FABULOUS! It's working much better than I had hoped. True professionals and awesome people at Albatross. I HIGHLY recommend using there wonderful service."
Nov 20, 2020
"Physical therapy at Albatross has been excellent. Sanjoy Roy PT has a plan of treatment that looks at all aspects of my medical needs related to my diagnosis of adult scoliosis and bulging discs Progress continues and Sanjoy is open to all questions and always looking to improve my condition "
Nov 12, 2020
"Sanjoy and Sam are miracle workers. I have had many issues with different body parts from headaches to sprain/strains and they take care of everything! The office atmosphere is calming and very professional. They always squeeze me in when I even walk in! All my family and friends come to Albatross."
Oct 25, 2020
"Very knowledgeable staff. Did a great job helping me. Would highly recommend for any PT needs."
Sep 16, 2020
"I have had severe pain and mobility issues in my shoulder for years, likely the result of working on a computer for 8-10 hours a day. To resolve these issues, I've tried almost every method including going to a chiropractor, numerous doctors, acupuncture, massage therapy, and even physical therapy. None of these treatments resulted in anything more than temporary relief so I just accepted I would have to live with the pain and have mobility issues for the rest of my life. I was recommended to try Albatross PT by orthopedic who said I should try this place with Sanjay as he has seen amazing results from his patients. I have been getting physical therapy from Albatross PT for a few months now and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Not only is the pain relieved after each session, but I am able to stay pain-free days after! This is the only method that has resulted in permanent pain relief. I am able to move my shoulder and arms again freely without any pain. I still work on my computer all day, but don't have the aches and pains I used to have. Going to Albatross PT has been one of the best decisions of my life! "
Aug 18, 2020
"I came in with back pain. Sanjoy and Sam are very very knowledgeable and professional. They used several treatment methods, and got great results. I would recommend Albatross to anyone who is experiencing pain and discomfort."
Aug 12, 2020
"Hands down best care i have ever received. Sam made my shoulder pain disappear like it never happened. The bedside manner and atmosphere made it a very relaxing experience. Highly recommend them to anyone experiencing pain. 5 stars all the way!!!"
Jul 22, 2020


I have been working with Sanjoy Roy for about seven months following compression fractures in three vertebrae. Sanjoy's aid has been invaluable in helping me work out an exercise program to regain strength and reduce pain without causing increased damage to the bones involved. He brings a diverse background in healing modalities to his practice and I cannot say enough for his knowledge, skill and caring throughout this very difficult period.

Joan L., J.D., M.A., M.P.H.

I was in my 3rd year of medical school and training for a half Ironman when I got into a scary accident that destroyed my right knee. Things only got worse from there: my orthopedic surgeon told me I would never run again and I lost all hope...then I found Sanjoy. His incredible bedside manner, his humor and depth of knowledge is the reason I am running, skiing, cycling today. Sanjoy is encouraging, motivating and always looking for new techniques & exercises to incorporate into his practice. Years later, now as a physician, I still recommend Sanjoy to my family and friends...with his years of experience and training, Sanjoy is one of the best physical therapists in Chicago.

Natalia R., MD
Emergency Medicine at Ascension

I went to Sanjoy with serious back pain. I had trouble standing up straight and walking short distances was occasionally so painful I would pass out. Sanjoy showed me a few simple exercises I did on my own for 10 or so minutes 3-5 times a day. We met several times a week and he quickly understood which exercises were helping and which weren’t and modified my routine. Within a couple of weeks, my pain was mostly gone and we began correcting muscle imbalances and building strength.

Stephanie S., PhD
Physics/ Aerospace Engineering

I have had physical therapy & wellness care before at “Other Big Name” places & never have I had the results or treatment like I have received at Albatross. They are professional, super knowledgeable, clean, accommodating, compassionate & understanding just to name a few key qualities. You’re not just a number here. You are a person, a patient, & a friend. I will continue to recommend them to anyone I hear is in pain. Thanks for helping me to feel well, on my road to recovery.

Jordana P.

I have been going to Albatross for 2-1/2 months. After being referred by my surgeon for an L-5/S-1 Spinal Fusion. I have been to numerous PT's. that only wanted your money and would barely touch you or use different techniques. Not the case at Albatross. They are 100% hands-on and used Acupuncture, TENS and Message Therapy amongst other methods to address the current pain level and area that is bothering me most that day. They are 100% sincere when they tell you that they care about helping you and want your pain and discomfort to go away or be manageable. I am grateful for my surgeon referring me and look forward to the upcoming months of PT.


Over the last many years, we have been to probably close to 10 physical therapy practices for my brother's condition. None of really been thoughtful enough to take such an interest in his overall pain management and take a holistic approach to his condition. Sanjoy really asked a lot of important questions to help identify how he could best utilize his time with my brother. When he started his hands-on work, I could see my brother finally enter a stage that I had not seen in nearly ten years -- relief! Amazing! This was our first session and we were definitely skeptical. I am so glad that we found this office and Sanjoy. What a find and what a great individual!

Mark A.

I've been going to Albatross for the last few months with neck pain and I've been working with Sanjoy Roy and Sam. They are both extremely knowledgable and they have really helped me to feel better and gain back the mobility in my neck. I'm thrilled to have found this place as the care they give is top-notch. They really work through the issue you are having and give exercises to do at home. Mostly, they relieve your pain and help you to be the best you can be. I highly recommend!!

Susie M.

I visited Albatross PT for my knee pain due to basketball. From my MRI, I was diagnosed with a not so common knee problem (Hoffa pad impingement). The pain before PT was unbearable for day to day things as simple as walking, sitting, climbing stairs, and running. After the PT office visits, the pain has drastically decreased. I am also feeling stronger as a result.

Sanjoy Roy has been very helpful throughout my recovery and strengthening process. He truly cares about his patients and you can see this through his long hours he puts in with his patients at the clinic.

He doesn't only tackle the issue from one angle. He will provide a variety of treatments from e-stim, deep tissue, strengthing/balancing exercises, Graston, and much more.

I even had a rare back muscle strain and Sanjoy saw me the same day and fixed the problem.

I would 100% recommend Albatross!

Dhruvin D.

A work colleague recommended Dr. Sanjoy to me and each day after my first visit I feel extremely fortunate that she did. I suffer from degenerating disk disorder. From day one, Dr. Sanjoy assured me that he could and would help alleviate my chronic discomfort/pain and he's made good on that assurance. He and his staff are professional, helpful and friendly. I didn't have to worry about reaching out to my insurance provider to confirm the coverage and I've never had to worry about remembering an appointment. His staff takes care of those details so all I have to do is show up and receive care. Today, I feel great, so much better than I have all year, thanks to Dr. Sanjoy. Today, I'm hopeful that I'll continue to get better and with Dr. Sanjoy's help, prevent my condition from worsening over time. If I had to describe my experience in one word, it would be a relief. My body and mind both feel relieved thanks to the amazing care and attention Dr. Sanjoy provides.

Sonia S.

Sanjoy and his team do their absolute best to take care of whatever your need is. It is was so reassuring and refreshing for me to have a therapist genuinely committed to getting me better and healthy as quickly as possible. Unlike experiences I have had with other therapists, Sanjoy really wants you to get better as soon as possible so that you can get back to doing what you love. He doesn't partially help you so you have to keep coming back for treatment but instead invests serious time and consideration with each patient, doing his best to ensure the quickest and longest-lasting treatment for a full recovery. I never felt like any kind of information or treatment was being withheld from me to make sure I had to keep coming back. Sanjoy was on my team, working with me and assisting me to get me back to running as quickly as possible.

I was refreshed by the time Sanjoy took with me, and with each of his patients, making sure that the pain I had was addressed and resolved rather than giving me a quick program and moving to his next patient. I really felt the value of the money spent. Sanjoy honors you as a customer and a person and gives you the best he can.

I am thankful for the specificity of his treatment, his knowledge of my injury, and his commitment to intensive care for each person.He was quickly able to identify the problem and started healing it right away.

My experience was great and I would highly recommend giving this office a shot!

Also, Sanjoy is a super cool guy and really easy to talk with, very open and real, and a very hard worker dedicated to goals. Ask him about learning to swim!

All that to say, I am feeling much much better after my several visits and think that you will too!

Thank you Sanjoy! Blessings to you!

Jonathan V.

Excellent professional and compassionate care. After only 3 visits my knee injury pain is significantly reduced. Sanjoy is an amazing practitioner, quickly finds the root of problems, and uses various treatments to accelerate healing. Sam is super organized, co-ordinates appointments and insurance verifications to get a patient the care they deserve. Albatross services and staff are the best!!


I highly recommend Sanjoy and Albatross PT for your physical therapy needs! As a former high school and collegiate athlete, I've had numerous opportunities to have physical therapy throughout my life. When I decided to train for a half Ironman I knew that I was going to need to find someone who had multiple areas of expertise and would be able to address each ache and pain that occurred in a different way. Knowing that Sanjoy could perform acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care, electrical stim and ultrasound (to name a few) was what made me decide to go see him. His dedication to helping me succeed and his wonderful care was what kept me going back and allowed me to not only complete my first half Ironman but I did it faster than I ever dreamed I could!

Christy D.

I'm so glad to have found this practice! After experiencing some nagging pain whole running, I was looking for a therapist to help me get back to running pain-free. Sanjoy is very thorough and takes his time to explain the variety of therapies he uses and how they will help with symptoms. With his help, I'll be able to keep logging miles and continue working towards new PRs!

Debbie K.

I have had the best experience here. For years, I had been suffering from pain in my neck and upper back that caused severe headaches. I couldn’t sleep through the night and felt constantly drained. Doctors only prescribed pain pills and chiropractors seemed to make things worse. A friend suggested I see a physical therapist. After seeing a post by Albatross on Facebook, I made an appointment to see Sanjoy. He is one of the most caring healthcare professionals I have ever met. On top of that, he truly knows how to help. Since I started therapy at Albatross, I have experienced zero headaches. I sleep through the night and have more energy than I ever have. My neck and upper back feel much better. I am still a working progress, but I know I’m on the right track and I’m so thankful I made that first appointment.

Sam always makes me feel genuinely welcome when I walk in the door. At my first appointment, he thoroughly explained how my insurance would work and how payments would be made. They have been flexible with my schedule and have Saturday hours which is a huge help!

I can’t recommend these guys enough.

Antonio Q.