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Using Evidence Based Research and Non-Invasive Techniques to treat pain.
Let us be your Pain and Wellness Specialists.



I have been working with Sanjoy Roy for about seven months following compression fractures in three vertebrae. Sanjoy's aid has been invaluable in helping me work out an exercise program to regain strength and reduce pain without causing increased damage to the bones involved. He brings a diverse background in healing modalities to his practice and I cannot say enough for his knowledge, skill and caring throughout this very difficult period.

Joan Levin, J.D., M.A., M.P.H.



I was in my 3rd year of medical school and training for a half Ironman when I got into a scary accident that destroyed my right knee. Things only got worse from there: my orthopedic surgeon told me I would never run again and I lost all hope...then I found Sanjoy. His incredible bedside manner, his humor and depth of knowledge is the reason I am running, skiing, cycling today. Sanjoy is encouraging, motivating and always looking for new techniques & exercises to incorporate into his practice. Years later, now as a physician, I still recommend Sanjoy to my family and friends...with his years of experience and training, Sanjoy is one of the best physical therapists in Chicago. 

Natalia Rumas MD

Emergency Medicine at Ascension


I went to Sanjoy with serious back pain.  I had trouble standing up straight and walking short distances was occasionally so painful I would pass out. Sanjoy showed me a few simple simple exercises I did on my own for 10 or so minutes 3-5 times a day.  We met several times a week and he quickly understood which exercises were helping and which weren’t and modified my routine.  Within a couple of weeks, my pain was mostly gone and we began correcting muscle imbalances and building strength.

Stephanie Schieffer PhD

Physics/ Aerospace Engineering


No Physician's Referral/Prescription Needed:   


Effective August 16th 2018, Physical Therapy Care in Illinois NO LONGER
requires a doctor's script and patients have Direct Access to a Physical Therapist.

Because We Care.
At Albatross, we focus on bringing  highly-skilled, hands-on therapy techniques combined with Evidence Based Research that gives patients superior results.  We believe that there is still a place where patients can feel that they are being valued, listened to and cared for. This is how we will make you feel at Albatross. We promise, that we will do our best to help you get better. Let Albatross be your Pain and Wellness Specialists.
Sanjoy Roy PT
Physical Therapist, CSCS, Cert. MDT
Spine Specialist and Manual Therapy Practitioner

Our Philosophy is Simple:

Listening to Our Patients

Whether it is performing manual spinal adjustments, providing muscle tissue mobilizations, corrective physical therapy exercises, dry-needling/acupuncture, or manual decompression, we always keep validating your progress by listening to you. Albatross is founded on providing unparalleled value to our patients when all other physical therapy clinics have fallen short!

Using a Healing-Hands Approach

We have found that the most effective way of offering value is to use hands-on techniques to you. Our Board Certified therapists provide such treatments as deep tissue massage, ART, muscle NRG, trigger point release, myofascial release, and Graston to name a few. At Albatross, this is fundamental to our plan of care. We respect that you are unique and our treatments are modified according to what makes you feel better. This is what YOU will feel sets us apart!

Eliminating Pain

At Albatross, we are specifically trained to treat your conditions of pain and get you functional again. From joint, muscle to nerve pain, our pledge to you is this: We will do our absolute best to get you results and try to resolve your cycle of pain before you consider prescription medicine, injections or surgery!

  • Back Pain and Sciatica
  • Neck pain, and Headaches
  • Shoulder Pain
  • check
    Chronic Pain
  • Hip and Knee Pain
  • Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Work-Related Injuries
  • check
  • Motor Vehicle Injuries/Whiplash Injuries
  • Post-Surgical Rehab
  • Sports Injuries
  • check
We understand that no two people are alike. This is why we use a fundamentally manual therapy system of combined techniques, with substantiated results, and then personalize it to treat your specific condition and eliminate pain. At Albatross, there are no outrageous claims, just proven techniques.
Our techniques are comprised of:
  • Medical Massage Therapy/ Manual Tissue Mobilization
  • Manipulation/Alignments of the Spine and Extremities
  • Acupuncture/Dry Needling
  • check
    Manual Decompression of the Spine and Extremities
  • check
    Muscle NRG Techniques/Corrective Therapeutic Exercises
  • check
  • check
    McKenzie Method
  • check
    Electrical Stimulation/Ultrasound and other Passive Modalities

Be Confident that our Treatments are all Evidence Based and with the Support of Science.

In life, we surround ourselves with experts to help us in various ways … let us be a part of that team. 
Let us be your Pain and Wellness Specialists.
We accept MOST Insurance plans, see our current list of accepted insurances below.
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • check
    United Health Care
  • Medicare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • PHCS
  • check
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Car Insurance
  • Major credit cards, Square, and PayPal are accepted.
If your plan is not listed, please call us at (630) 446-5660 as we are always adding new insurance plans.
As a courtesy to our patients, we will verify your health benefits prior to your arrival to determine if there will be a copay, deductible, or coinsurance for therapy services.

For those patients who do not have health insurance or those who have maxed out their benefits, we offer a private pay plan. Please contact us today for more information on our fees for service and payment details.
Disclaimer: While this is an extensive list, health plans do change regularly without prior notification. We recommend that you verify with your health plan what physical therapy benefits you have available.
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