About Us

About Us

This is Our Philosophy

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    Listening to Our Patients

    Whether it is performing manual spinal adjustments, providing muscle tissue mobilizations, corrective physical therapy exercises, dry-needling/acupuncture, or manual decompression, we always keep validating your progress by listening to you. Albatross is founded on providing unparalleled value to our patients when all other physical therapy clinics have fallen short!

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    Using a Healing-Hands Approach

    We have found that the most effective way of offering value is to use hands-on techniques to you. Our Board Certified therapists provide such treatments as deep tissue massage, ART, muscle NRG, trigger point release, myofascial release, and Graston to name a few. At Albatross, this is fundamental to our plan of care. We respect that you are unique and our treatments are modified according to what makes you feel better. This is what YOU will feel sets us apart!

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    Eliminating Pain

    At Albatross, we are specifically trained to treat your conditions of pain and get you functional again. From joint, muscle to nerve pain, our pledge to you is this: We will do our absolute best to get you results and try to resolve your cycle of pain before you consider prescription medicine, injections or surgery!